Collaborations + Contributions

STALK, a fashion and lifestyle blog, was created and cofounded in 2014 by Alice Bell and I. Opinionated and written with the upmost panache, it creatively and harshly sheds light on the realities of fashion, dating, and travel. While she is uncharge of the fashion editorial and social media components, my focus is on the content creation and management.

I have contributed to many collaborative projects within Florence University of the Arts, which have allowed me to gain a valuable insight and a taste of working atmosphere within my chosen field. My written articles have been published in various Blending issues, along with my photographs, which had also been chosen to be published in the 70th Anniversary Book for the international leather handbag and accessories company, Nannini.

Christina M Garcia

I am a San Antonio, Texas born, multifaceted visual artist, currently based in New York City. In 2012 I’ve followed my family in their move to Germany and have explored european culture, tradition and lifestyle since.

With a goal oriented mind, a tireless spirit, and a bubbly disposition, I tend to follow my passions wholeheartedly, which has made my multiple moves effortless. Through living in diverse cities and countries, I continue to immerse myself into ever-flowing ideas and inspiration.


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